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Ad sense adds a powerful punch to Ad words program as well as giving website operators the ability to make money from their websites by displaying Google Ads. As a website operator, one can choose keywords for the Ad sense program that are relevant to the content he\she provide. The keywords will draw in relative advertisements to be displayed on the webpage, things that attracts browsers and provides information to the visitors. After creating new web sites in such a way, visitors will click the Ads and the site will earn revenue for the webmaster. So, it is necessary to use Google Ad sense for earning revenue in a simple way.


Google Ad sense is a free programme by which one can earn money through displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. When anyone knows about the programme he\she certainly get interested about it. But the problem is-how to use Google Ad sense?

The answer is easy as there are different approaches to this .Such as:-

Offline (creating the website through offline medium)

  1. If anybody wants to create his\her website using Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dream weaver or a similar tool, he should use templates to the code inside. On each page, corresponding position will automatically be inserted by templates.
  2. Almost all HTML editors support the inclusion of files while uploading by defining appropriate tags inside the code.

Online (when pages are visited through online)

When web supports Server Side Includes(SSI), one may store the files on the server and let the server automatically include them when they are requested from a browser. Anyone can get information on the web by typing SSI and HTML into Google.

Not only this there is another useful way to easily identify the corresponding ad blocks in reports and that is using color palettes styles and templates.

Earn Dollar Per Click

What is Google Adsense ?

In keeping pace with the globalizing world, Internet advertising is a multi-million dollar industry now. Internet advertising is creating a powerful position  as it has brought a new level of engagement between the buyer and the seller. A new and powerful programme has been initiated by Google named as Google Ad sense. According to Google review published in July 2006, we came to know that  Google Ad sense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their websites content pages and earn money. In another review Google publishes that- Ad sense delivers text and image ads  that are precisely targeted to your site content. And when any interested person add a Google search box to his\ her site, Ad sense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by visitors search request.

In other words, Google Ad sense is a way to handle web ads that delivers advertiser’s message to the websites visitors. It is effective and fruitful path which leads the advertiser to earn revenue. Ad sense works very well for the web surfers because ads are contextual and related to the keywords.  There is a science in the way an ad should be composed so that it will attract the most number of visitors. More the visitors click the ads, more the traffic will the website get and the advertiser will be able to get money. Google Ad sense is world wide accepted because its easiness and for being free anyone can earn money through displaying  targeted Google ads on their websites. Statistically speaking, on one is going to get rich on Ad sense. But if he put something great, contextual and attractive article on his ad then it will attract the visitors. The more the clicks, the more the money will the webmaster gets.

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